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May 16, 2013 5:00pm PDT
utility vehicles through crashes and only two of them passed. subaru forester was the only one with a good rating. the outlander sport received acceptable rating. >>> the shake ups in washington continue today at the irs with president obama pointing a new acting commissioner. daniel werfel will take over as they weather the storm of the tea party scandal. the irs admitted to subjecting them to scrutiny. he is the controller of the office of management and budget. >>> tea party activists had harsh words for the irs. they said they are furious that the irs singled out conservative groups. they promised congress will hold an independent investigation. >> someone needs to be held responsible. someone needs to be in prison. someone needs to be prosecuted. >> this is run away government at its worse. who knows who they will target next. >> president obama scandal. >>> before it become as trend a police department acts. their game plan. >> back here in 10 minutes, the clouds are clearing. seeing sunshine but things are changing. what the big changes are for your friday and the bay area weekend a
May 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
of the 13 in this test. >> reporter: according to the iihs, the 2014 subaru forrester performed best followed by the 2013 mitsubishi outlander sport. >> i think what these tests show is that a large majority of the small suv manufacturers have a lot of work to do to improve the performance in this crash mode. >> reporter: the ford escape had the worst safety results. in a statement to cbs news ford said it takes seriously every industry development related to vehicle crash performance and is reviewing the test results. others that received a poor overall rating were the jeep patriot, the buick encore the kia sportage and the hyundai tucson. >> i think some of them are resigned to not getting the best results, but are working internally to improve it in the next generation. >> reporter: and it's important to note, most of the suvs that performed poorly have done relatively well in other types of crash tests. for "cbs this morning," chip reid, washington. >>> and the card game made famous by james bond is facing a scandal. you'll see one american that's accused of
May 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
known as crossovers fareed poorly in a crash test. only the subaru forester was the only one of the vehicles tested to receive a good rating on a front-end crash test. natalie, back to you. >> mary thompson at the new york stock exchange, thank you. >>> well, two incredible videos caught on tape. first in philadelphia on wednesday afternoon. a stroller carrying a 14-month-old girl rolled away from the child's mother, tumbling five feet onto the elevated train tracks. the girl remained inside the toppled stroller, strapped in. her mother, as you see, jumped on to the tracks and staff halted an approaching train at a nearby station. the girl was treated at a local hospital and no charges are expected to be filed against that distracted mother. still very scary there. >>> and in rural pennsylvania, a bus driver got the shock of his life when a deer came flying through his windshield. the stunned animal scrambled around trying to leap back out the way it came. marching around on the seats. the driver kept his cool, immediately stopped the bus and opened the door letting that poor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3